Robotics Production Technician Program

Program Outline, Learning Outcomes & Worker Standards (pdf 459 KB)

The National Robotics Training Center’s Robotics Production Technician Certification Program will prepare individuals with a well-rounded introduction to the technologies key to production of unmanned vehicles and other robotic devices. The flow chart to the right shows the progression of the program through two main tiers, basic manufacturing skills and robotic specific skills.

The first tier encompasses skills in the sub- sections of safety, maintenance awareness, quality and continuous improvement, and manufacturing processes and production. This portion of the program uses the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council’s (MSSC) certified production technician program to teach and assess the four modules. Candidates may perform either the course work for each module and pass the assessment or, if the candidate has adequate knowledge in an area, they may successfully take the assessment and bypass the modules.

The second tier curriculum focuses on robotic specific skills. Tier two will consist of five modules requiring 45 contact hours. Instructional methods will include integrating content from electrical systems, mechanical systems, photonic systems, and geospatial systems. Candidates will be required to attend all five modules and pass the assessments to attain certification.

The concept map below demonstrates the various aspects of technical skills required in intelligent systems and robotics development and manufacturing today. A National Robotics Training Center (NRTC) certified technician will have basic skills and understanding within these areas and will be prepared to enter the work force of a robotics manufacturer as an entry-level technician. Each robotics manufacturer uses unique and proprietary parts, components, software, and manufacturing processes in the production of its product, therefore, product- specific training is not included in the basic NRTC robotics technician curriculum. A product-specific module can be developed by the NRTC for inclusion into the program for any client. This innovative certification program can be customized to meet any manufactures’ training needs.

Program Outline, Learning Outcomes & Worker Standards (pdf 459 KB)